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What do humans and orcas have in common?

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I've just been to a lovely wedding!

It was great to share the joy of seeing two people connecting deeply, with such love...

“One day you will look back and realise all along you were blooming.”
– Morgan Harper Nichols

By bringing people together, weddings are a wonderful way for everyone to connect.

I had a chance to talk with friends I hadn't seen in ages, and some I had hitherto only known via zoom!

We talked and talked.

About highs and lows, work and kids; about our favourite childhood sweets (Cola bottle anyone?) and our all time best floor fillers (Insomnia by Faithless obvs...).

About our dreams, the little things that make us smile - and the sad things.

And in the midst of all this, we talked about menopause.

I feel really lucky, as ours is the first generation to have these conversations.

Our mothers' generation and all those before, did not.

Which is odd when you think of it.

Menopause and perimenopause are one of the few certainties in life.

This big transition is 100% guaranteed to affect affect half the world's population.

So (unless you are a man living out your days in an all-male commune) menopause will have some impact on you.

People like Davina McCall and Dr Louise Newson have been spreading the word, with podcasts, apps and documentaries.

As October 18th is World Menopause Day, it felt like the right time to join the conversation!

By affecting women who are often at the peak of their careers, menopause has a significant impact at work.

Employers are encouraged to develop menopause policies and foster a culture where awareness and supportive conversations are the norm.

You could even elect a workplace menopause champion! (here at The Working Well Doctor - that's yours truly.)

When was the last time you had a chat about the menopause?

Fresh Ideas For You

  • Did you know menopause is experienced to only a few species including humans and orcas?
  • Or that The Grandmother Effect is one factor supporting human longevity ?
  • For more on developing your workplace menopause policy - click here.
  • You may like to watch Davina McCall's documentary 'Sex, Myths & the Menopause'
  • Dr Louise Newson runs a website, app and podcast on menopuase, - learn more here.
  • Learn about the Governments new UK Menpause Taskforce here.

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