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Welcome if you have just joined, or if you are a regular reader.

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- from Dr Katya Miles, The Working Well Doctor

Hello there -

I actually managed to drink a whole cup of tea today...while it was still hot!

As a woman who leaves a trail of half-drunk cups of cold tea in her wake, this is something of a first :)

"...Why did it take me so long to let go, simply exhale, so the day could breathe itself in?..."
- from Dreaming the Real - Linda France

I am still on a high from our Spring Recharge Retreat last week.

Working alongside the wonderful Jo Hacking we brought together a small group of wonderful humans.

We connected.

With each other. With nature. With ourselves.

We shared our stories, our future hopes and plans.

We talked and wrote. We explored mindfulness and nature. Movement and creativity.


Something shifted. Within me. The lens I look through to see the world is clearer now.

I didn't expect this.

Running a retreat you have all the logistics to handle, and serving everyone else is front of mind.

But such is the power of the group and the space we created together that I, too, am changed.

People come on retreat at the right time for the right reason.

Our next day retreat is this Autumn - it will be a Friday in October or November. A space to reflect and adapt as the seasons change. Maybe you are at a junction in your life or work, or things seem just too much at present.

If this resonates, hit reply with the words Autumn Retreat to join the waiting list and get 25% off. I'd love to see you there.

"Thank you - Really excellent. More one day retreats please"
-Spring Recharge Retreat attendee

Fresh Ideas for You

  • I had a good natter about returning to work after Burnout with Dr Claire Ashley on her recent podcast - here are the links to watch and listen (our chat starts at 6mins 38sec)
  • If you fancy a longer four day retreat - have a look here
  • Conversations are powerful. Click here for encouragement to have conversations about the challenges our environment faces.
  • For more on Linda France - read here

What People Are Saying - after Training with me -

Very interactive and energetic speaker, got us all talking and thinking outside the box"
-GP Conference attendee, 2023

If you'd like me to run your next Workplace Wellbeing Training - I'd love to help! click here to book a chat!

Till next time, take care.



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"Thanks for the really helpful session last week. Interview went well-got the job!!"
- Coaching Client, Dr Louise - GP

"Thanks as always for our...session just now. It's like a burst of warm ... sunshine which is a great feeling! "

- Coaching Client, Dr Sarah - Porfolio GP

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