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Have a wonderful Christmas

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Welcome if you have just joined, or if you are a regular reader.

This is your place to love your work again

- from Dr Katya Miles, The Working Well Doctor

Hello there -

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, with some well deserved rest, joy and connection.

And thank you for subscribing to Thrive Well News.

You guys are the best and I am honoured to be able to serve you all.

I am signing off now till Jan 16th - see you then!

In the meantime catch me on @theworkingwelldoctor and email my amazing assistant Carla on if you need anything. She's back in the office from Jan 5th :)

What People Are Saying - after my Wellbeing at Work Training...

"Thank you so much, that was really useful.

Some great tips in there that I'm going to be putting in place."

Till next time, take care.



The Working Well Doctor

Workplace Wellbeing Specialist

Wellbeing at Work Trainer

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Love Your Work Again


"Thanks for the really helpful session last week. Interview went well-got the job!!"
- Coaching Client, Dr Louise - GP

"Thanks as always for our...session just now. It's like a burst of warm ... sunshine which is a great feeling! "

- Coaching Client, Dr Sarah - Porfolio GP

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