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- from Dr Katya Miles, The Working Well Doctor

Hi guys,

The kind man in the farm shop shared his sourdough starter with us...

"It takes courage to be kind"
-Maya Angelou

Yesterday was World Kindness Day. It got me thinking about different types of kindnesses.

Giving and receiving.

Giving to others, and ourselves.

The small kindnesses, the formal donations - and the unexpected ones.

Whilst all are wonderful for the recipient, it's the unexpected ones that can bring that extra kick of delight.

We were just chatting to the man in the farm shop about his sourdough (hands down the most delicious one I have ever tasted) and he offered to share some of his starter - that gloopy paste of yeasts that make the bread rise.

He also offered to show us how to make the bread, and sent us home with a jar full of starter, ready for our own journey into the craft of sourdough.

It got me thinking - why did he do this?

We weren't expecting or asking. He seemed fuelled by his passion for sourdough and loved sharing his enthusiasm. All this, despite the fact that if we become as good as him we will have no need to buy his bread! (However, sourdough is dead fiddly so that day is a long way off...!)

The effect?

We felt delighted. And have enjoyed some (partially successful) bread making at home.

He seemed glad too.

In fact we go to him more often for his bread, rather than less, because his bread comes with that sense of human connection now, too.

The science backs this up; we get a squirt of dopamine in the brain - a shot of feelgood - when we give.

It helps build connection and community, as well as the more direct benefit to the recipient.

When so many of us are giving and giving to the point of overwhelm, it is really important that we ascribe equal importance to kindness to ourselves as well as others.

Having journeyed through burnout, I can say hand on heart - this is critical if we are to sustain ourselves and the giving we are capable of.

When was the last time you experienced a small kindness? An unexpected one? And one for yourself?

Writing is one of my favourite ways to tick all these kindness boxes.

From journalling right through to writing prose - and emails! - writing is a powerful way to connect, inspire and give.

Here are two wonderful opportunties to get your creative writing juices flowing!

Online your thing?

Nov 19th - Art for Wellbeing Day run by the Joyful Doctor.

I'm running the creative writing workshop!

Hit reply with the word 'joy' for all the details! or just click here.

How about actual real life?

I'm soo excited to be running a Creative Writing Workshop - in actual real life - on Nov 24th as part of the wonderful CPD accredited Woodlines Retreat.

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Fresh Ideas for you

  • The next Love Your Return to Work webinar is on Dec 2nd 11.00-12.00 GMT, we will take a deep dive into navigating your return so you feel confident as you step back in.

Hit Reply with the words 'Love My Return' to nab your spot (£69 usual price, £49 for Thrive Well News subscribers! - recording availible if you can't attend in person).

  • Fancy some buddies while you write? Join my free Nail your Newsletter co working group!

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  • Ever feel guilty about delegating? Me too. Have a read of this.

What People Are Saying - after my Wellbeing at Work Training!

"Thank you so much, that was really useful.

Some great tips in there that I'm going to be putting in place."

If you'd like me to run your next Workplace Wellbeing Training - I'd love to help! click here to book a chat!

Till next time, take care.



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